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Skiing and hiking holiday on the Steinplatte

Your holiday in Waidring in Tyrol

Situated between 1,100 and 1,900 metres above sea level on a sunny plateau, the Steinplatte skiing and hiking area is a real paradise for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.


Enjoy your skiing holiday on the Steinplatte on a total of 36 km with 15 perfectly groomed slopes, accessible by comfortable lifts, which meet the latest standards. An action-packed fun park for snowboarders, rustic huts with traditional alpine food, top snow conditions and plenty of sunshine in the border triangle of Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria will inspire you again and again.

Opportunities for ascent in the skiing are

Various lifts take you on the fastest way to enjoy snowboarding or skiing on the Steinplatte. You park your car at the valley station Waidring and change directly to the monocable gondola, which takes you to the skiing area within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can park at an altitude of 1,110 m and continue your journey with the new Kammerkör 6-seater chairlift. Various modern cable cars in the ski area take you from piste to piste in no time at all.

Perfect service for your winter holiday

Particular attention is paid to the maintenance of the slopes. Among other things, 57 snow cannons are used for this purpose so that snowboarding and skiing does not become a "dry”; pleasure. Eight Pistenbullys are available for daily piste preparation. It is not for nothing that the ski area has received several awards.


The Steinplatte Waidring has not only been fun for prehistoric hunters for 200 million years, but also for alpine adventure collectors such as mountain fans, mountain bikers, hut lovers and of course via ferrata fans and alpine climbers. With its varied hiking trails, climbing routes, bike paths and the omnipresent dream panorama, the mountain massif at 1,869 m guarantees excellent modern-day enjoyment.


Hiking on the Steinplatte

Whether you are a leisurely walker, mountain fanatic or summit stormer: the Steinplatte plateau has fantastic tours to choose from for all ages and levels of difficulty:



The rock on the stone slab has a unique quality, and owes this to its history of origins, as the only dry reef in Europe. With a length of over 7 kilometres and a rock height of up to 250 metres, there are over 100 sport climbing routes in the climbing area around the Steinplatte.

From difficulty level 5a to 8c, from single pitch to multi pitch tours, from beginners to pros and that from spring to autumn. All in all, the area is certainly one of the top areas in Central Europe: from the Waidringer Steinplatte via Wiesloch, Wemeteigen, Schwollwand, Sonnwand, Tanzboden and Urlkopf to the Lachfeldkopf, which is already in Salzburg, climbing opportunities par excellence are offered.


Mountain biking on the Steinplatte

You can get up there comfortably with the cable car or more demandingly on the 4. 5 km long mountain road (14% gradient). Once you reach the top, numerous kilometres are waiting to be “cycled”; by you:


FUN for 200 million years – in summer and winter

Over stick, stone & coral. For your scientific exploration tour on the stone slab, it is best to warm up. The primeval times are not being tediously drilled here, but climbed, dug up and played with!


How did the Triad get its name? What exactly is karst? And what do corals look like up close? None of these questions remain unanswered on your tour!


In summer a 4 km long circular trail leads through the Triassic Park (suitable for prams), in winter the prepared path leads approx. 1 km to the viewing platform.


This is how your geht to the Steinplatte: and to the Triassic Park:


The ****Hotel Sendlhof is your comfortable accommodation for your skiing or hiking holiday on the Steinplatte. We are looking forward to your inquiry!